Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Debate: David Wood Vs Yahya Snow: Does Islam Allow Sex With Prepubescent Girls?

David Wood is found wanting in this debate. Wood argues for the position that "Islam does allow sex with prepubescent girls" While Snow argues against him.
Wood had no evidence and was caught lying about Tafsir.
Snow proves from Islamic sources that Islam does not allow sex with prepubescent girls.

The debate is in chronological order, four parts.

Part 1: Wood starts the ball rolling by claiming "Islam CERTAINLY allows sex with prepubescent girls"

Part 2: Snow challenges him on this and brings evidence to show he is wrong.

Part 3: Wood is found wanting and distorts Tafsir in order to try and prove his case. He asks Snow for references concerning part 2.

Part 4: Snow delivers a devastating blow. He gives references and brings more evidence to disprove Wood. He exposes Wood's misquoting and distorting of tafseer literature and points to the fact that Wood has shown no evidence for his claim.

Quote of the debate (by Yahya Snow): "David Wood brought a pen knife to a gun fight (a very small pen knife)"

Part 1: David makes his claim. by writing:
"Islam certainly allows sex with prepubescent girls"

Part 2: Yahya Snow challenges him and disproves his claim.

Part 3: Wood Responds by bringing his own interpretation of the Quran and changing tafseer literature. Wood simply leaves himself open and Snow finishes him off in the final exchange.

Part 4: Yahya Snow ends the debate in spectacular fashion by disproving Wood with evidences, showing Wood to have no evidence for his claim and exposing the deceit and distortions which Wood presented.

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