Tuesday, 18 May 2010

An Appeal to Reason before Debating David Wood or Sam Shamoun

An Appeal to Good sense and Responsibility by Yahya Snow

A debate series has been organised in Michigan involving Christians and Muslims. I am pro-dialogue and discussion but the Muslims involved are Muslims who have high standings within their respective communities, therefore these Muslims have responsibilities which span considerable lengths both in an interfaith capacity as well as within their own faith.

The itinerary of the debate shows Sheikh Ahmed Mohammed Awal is due to debate Sam Shamoun and David Wood.

I feel prior to accepting this debate the Sheikh (Ahmed Mohammed Awal) had not fully researched his opponents nor considered the implications of debating them.

David Wood

A number of Muslims have already shunned David Wood due to his unacceptable behaviour. Moreover, David Wood has done absolutely nothing to rectify his faults and has recently depicted material which is both unchristian and offensive to Muslims as well as other groups. This material included nudity (from the submission video) as well as religiously inflammatory material from the South Park show.

A responsible Christian (and a responsible debater) would not have showcased such material. Sadly, Wood tried to defend his actions; one of his more peculiar and unconvincing defences was under the guise of “art”.

A number of links highlighting Wood’s unscholarly and irresponsible behaviour:

Wood irresponsibly offending different religious groups for no reason whatsoever as well as displaying nudity which is unchristian in itself:


An appeal to Wood’s partner (Which Wood censored…surely he only censored it due to his knowing of his behaviour to be unacceptable):


An audio rebuke of David Wood’s behaviour:


I hope the respected Sheikh takes time to view this material and ponders upon the inevitable negativities which could result from a firm agreement to debate Wood. I would also ask Sheikh Ahmed Mohammed Awal to contrast his thoughts with any potential positives that could come from withdrawing from a debate with David Wood. The major positives would surely include (Insha’Allah):

1. David Wood seriously reconsidering his recent behaviour
2. A loud and clear message would be sent to people within apologetics and Truth-seeking about the importance of reserved behaviour
3. Sheikh Ahmed Mohammed Awal would enhance the reputation of decent apologists and send a message of self-reflection to Muslims and non-Muslims alike.

Sam Shamoun

In the interest of fairness it would also be relevant to point out Sam Shamoun’s behaviour of late has been more than shoddy of late. In fact, due to his propensity to hound and abuse colleagues of mine a letter of rebuke was produced. Sheikh Ahmed Mohammed Awal would do well to read this posting concerning Sam Shamoun and rethink his agreement relating to a debate with Shamoun:


Dr James White

From my research into White I formed the view that White is a man of responsible behaviour, a well-reputed individual as well as an individual who does not come with the unfortunate baggage Wood and Shamoun come with. A discussion/debate with White would not meet any opposition from a fair Muslim in my view.

I hope Sheikh Ahmed Mohammed Awal, Sheikh Mohammad Jowad Al-Ansari and Dr James White read this posting as I feel their (Wood's and Shamoun's) recent behaviour excludes them from sharing a podium with respected individuals.

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